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Virgin Cold-Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil

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At Hesthetic we use premium quality sunflower seeds from certified organic farms. We treat our sunflower oil with a lot of love ; it is extracted using low heat and with a mechanical screw press made of food grade stainless steel. It is hygienically made in a US FDA certified cold pressed manufacturing facility.

Sunflower oil is a mild, versatile and unobtrusive oil that has a high heat tolerance and very mild flavour that complements most dishes and cuisines.

Sunflower oil has a bad reputation because it is often refined to an extent where it loses all its taste and health benefits. But cold pressed sunflower oil has the same benefits that sunflower seeds have - it is full of protein, vitamin E and helps in boosting immunity. Because of its high smoke point, sunflower oil can be used for high-heat cooking. 

Organic Sunflower Seed

Generally delivered in 5 - 9 days

Taste And Aroma

Neutral taste and aroma

Recommended Uses

1. Everyday cooking.

2. High-heat cooking.

3. Deep-frying.

4. Sautéing.

5. Marinades and sauces.

6. Baking sweet and savoury dishes.

Health Benefits

1. Improves heart health and circulation.

2. Immunity booster.

3. Improves digestion and appetite.

4. Helps with weight management.

5. Helps reduce inflammation.

6. Reduces severity of arthritis and asthma.

7. Rich source of Vitamin E.

Limited Period Festive Discount of 20% Applicable on All Products


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