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USDA Approved Hesthetic Manufacturing Facility

Our State of the Art USDA Approved Cold Pressed Oil Manufacturing Facility

Your Source Of Well-Being

We often skip our exercise routine, but we never skip a meal. Believing the same adage, Hesthetic offers a healthier variety of edible oils and nurtures the idea of health and vitality above all. We produce an array of all-natural and organic cold-pressed oils for consumption and other uses. For us, health comes first.

Originally conceptualized in 2015, Hesthetic came into being in 2017 when we bought our first oil extracting machine and decided to take the matter of producing pure edible oils into our hands. Our relentless quest to improve the health of our family and friends by proffering them with a healthier alternative for oils that were available in the market led to the official birth of Hesthetic by 2018. Soon after, Hesthetic came to life in the real marketplace and our story began.

Today, as a wellbeing-driven organization, we give priority to ingenuity and quality. Our staff is meticulously trained to maintain the highest standards in hygiene, quality control, food safety and accuracy. They are educated in handling seeds, extracting them and understanding their unique traits. Together with them we thrive and strive to ensure zero wastage and zero pollution.

Our research-oriented processes keep the spark alive in us. While our tie-up with the local farmers around India blesses us with a reliable source of top-notch seeds and nuts. This also helps our core values to resonate with the ‘Make in India’ movement and allows us to keep redefining the world of oils, as we know it.

Limited Period Festive Discount of 20% Applicable on All Products


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